UrbanSeedling is a newly established company that is showing the importance and eased of growing your own fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs regardless of where you are living. UrbanSeedling specializes in helping the novice gardener by giving advice on products, and letting them know the best time to start. UrbanSeedling also shows the advantages of growing in small places without spending a ton of money on additional supplies, and reusing what the gardener has on hand. Step by step instructions and videos will help guide the gardener and show them how to grow fresh, organic produce year round. This fresh new company UrbanSeedling needed a look that would feel fresh yet still represent its city roots. This close to home easy way of gardening needed to be expressed quickly and reflect the growing cities population. UrbanSeedling was the solution combining the urban needs with rural qualities. The website created shows the ease and gives the support needed to create your own home garden. The website works well across all platforms making it easily accessible to everyone. The packaging created displays the modern feel that all urban communities crave yet still contains the country feel that we all love.

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