Under Armour

Under Armour is constructed to fit and be a part of all active lifestyles. The customers are both the professional athlete, the students, people looking for comfort wear, the everyday fitness guru and even young children and babies. People see UA being one of the best and newest brands to offer athletic clothing and sports gear. UA has a positive name that promotes strength and a no quitting attitude. UA relays the message that anyone is capable of anything. The project objective was to create an awareness of the waste that is around all of us and to show the active plans to reduce the UA global footprint. UA wants to be the leader in reducing waste and creating a healthier environment for all of us. The final design shows a positive solution to the growing problem around us. I created this solution by showing the beauty that is surrounding us and how strong we all can be to help create a better change for our planet. I created versions for print, including posters, post cards to mail, handouts and a booklet in order to reach more people digital versions were also created. The digital versions include ad banners, a website, Facebook and Twitter pages and an app that can be easily downloaded from the iTunes store. Having multiple versions creates an easy solution to get the word out quickly and effectively.

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