Nanny Julie

The goal of this project was to create a new identity for Julie using a bug, along with a website to show what she enjoyed the most. The bug needed to represent the person selected along with showing something they loved. The purpose was to combine Julies’ love for children, with the beauty and gracefulness of a Dragon Fly. Julie loves being around children their freeness and ability to dream is a characteristic that she admired. These were key features that were kept in mind while creating the logo along with the website. The website was created to promote her love of children and the needs that children consistently need. Julie’s Nanny Service was the perfect creation to show all of Julies’ characteristics and what she cares most about. Like a Dragonfly Julie is strong, graceful and pays attention to detail, which is displayed within her design work. Julie like a dragonfly has a focus of living life to the fullest. The dragonfly spiritually embodies the stripping away of negativity that holds us back, helping us to achieve our dreams and goals. They remind us that anything is possible. I have captured Julie’s grace in the curve the dragonfly wings. I then used simple, yet bright colors and shapes to capture Julie’s bright attitude.

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