Fear Management

This book was created to educate adults on the various views and opinions on terrorism. The collection of articles shows the views not only from the stand point of the United States of America but how terrorism is viewed throughout the world. This project was created using The Edge question of the year from 2001, “What Now?” This topic question covers the fears we have on terrorism. Within this topic it discuss the possible solutions to the world wide growing problem. Also discussed are signs that might have been missed that could have prevented acts of terrorism from happening. Discussed has well were the uneducated population that believes that all Muslims are terrorist, and how the fears of racial profiling are damaging to everyone. The final result was a book that I created to cover the topics of what terrorism really is, and where lays the problems. The book was a collaboration of articles written by several people regarding the question “What Now”? This articles ranged from possible solutions to solve the terrorist problem along with educating the public on where the real problems are.

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