Fabuloso is a part of the Colgate-Palmolive line of cleaning line products. Mostly marketed to the Hispanic Culture Fabuloso has decided to come out with a better, cleaner line of products. Still giving you the great cleaning power and the fresh scent that we all remember our abuelas home smelling like on her Saturday cleaning day. Fabuloso recognizes the importance of protecting our environment and keeping our families safe for years to come. A new improved eco-friendly and family friendly will be replacing out dated toxic filled bottles of Fabuloso. Still keeping the fresh scents and cleaning power that we all want and remember. The new and improved line will also expand the target audience to now include eco-friendly shoppers and those looking for a greener line to safely clean their homes without harm to children, their pets and the planet. We also want to keep our Hispanic buyers and show them that the cleaner they grew up loving can also help them become more eco-friendly. The plan was to create a safer product line to clean your home. Fabuloso will also expand its multipurpose cleaner to include a wider variety of cleaning products. These products will consist of a window cleaner, compostable cleaning wipes, dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent and cleaning supplies. This new line will include everything you need to clean your home safely. Also a fresh clean look will attract attention on the store shelves expanding to a new target audience.

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