City of Green Bay

Green Bay is a small town founded on being home to the Green Bay Packers. However there is so much more that Green bay has to offer other than a great football team. I wanted to create a site that focused on the great people and places of Green Bay. From the first time I came to Green Bay until now I am constantly discovering new and exciting features that this town has to offer. Green Bay has everything form Wisconsin’s largest farmers market to a family themed amusement park. The website highlights these features and shows the user how to discover all the wonders of Green Bay. The site also allows to purchase tickets if needed and lets you know about money saving options. The app was created to show off Green Bays crazy weather, one day is sunny and warm then the next day we have snow on the ground. This weather based app lets you know what is going on in Green Bay right now and then gives you the options if you want to brave the outdoors or stay safe inside. This app allows the user to get turn by turn directions to their destinations and even purchase tickets.

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