Beerntsen's Candies

Beerntsen's Candies is a local Green Bay candy store, which focuses on homemade sweet confections. Established in 1888, they have been a hometown favorite for years. They have treats for all occasions and every age, from homemade lollipops for the little ones to handcrafted chocolates for your loved ones. The goal for Beerntsen’s Candies was to create a new identity but still keep their nostalgic look and feel. Beerntsen’s Candies wanted to create an environment that was modern yet still have the charm that an old candy store has. With being a family owned business it was important to keep a friendly and approachable atmosphere without coming across has too old fashioned or too modern. The result, a new logo was created that keeps the charm of an old time candy store but with a modern twist. This also helps them to expand into new markets and reach out to new customers. The rebranding of Beerntsen’s Candies includes a website, new package design, posters and a short commercial. Beerntsen’s Candies will be “What You Crave.”

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